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How to attack from corners

1. Choose a taker

In your tactics screen choose “views” -> “attributes” -> “corners”. This will allow you to see corners attribute of each player. Sort it by clicking on “Cor” menu name.
Assign corner takers by clicking above your formation screen on “Instructions” -> “Corner takers”.

2. In-swinging or Out-swinging?

In earlier versions of Football Manager there was a great advantage to swinging in corners but this hasn’t been properly tested yet in FM10. Swinging depends on the taker preferred foot (stronger foot if this is “either”) and the corner place.

Right corner – right taker – Swings out.
Left corner – left taker – Swings out.
Right corner – left taker – Swings In.
Left corner – right taker – Swings in.

3. I don’t have a suitable taker – what do I do?

It’s recommended then to play a short corner with a good crosser.

Tip: If you want to stall some time, make sure you play short corners with good dribblers offering the sort option.

4. Set the number of attackers –

Watch the corner to see how many players your opposition leave forward. This is a good indicator of how many defensive players you should leave. As a rule of thumb – always leave two players behind – usually the full backs since they have good tackling and below average heading skills.

5. Decided each player positions –

There are many options to each player on attacking corner. I recommend using your best headers in fixed positions that don’t need too much running such as “near post flick on” and “stand on far post”, players with good positioning, anticipation and off the ball should assign to “attack ball from deep”, “attack near post” or “attack far post” and players with good long shots to “lurk outside area.”

There are some good ways to score goal from corners

a. Distraction – put your two tallest players on the far post (“attack far post” and “stand on far post”) to make sure your corner enters the box.

b. Put an aggressive player with high bravery to challenge the goalkeeper. This will make sure that he won’t grab the ball easily. In other words, the ball will be either cleared or connect to one of your players.


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